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Ant Control & Extermination in Visalia

Controlling and Exterminating Ants in Visalia

All ants live in social colonies. Depending on the type of ant species these colonies can range from a small satellite colony with a few dozen ants to the main colony with several thousand ants. There are dozens of types of ants in this area but only 5 or 6 types normally invade structures in this area. They are:

Argentine Ants - Small light gray to black ants 1/12 to 1/8 inch long.  Commonly referred to as “little black ants”, these ants are the number one pest ant in this area, and California for that matter.  During the summer months, Argentine ants will join forces to form Super Colonies that can take over entire neighborhoods!  We have developed an excellent Argentine Ant Control Program at Pro-Tech Pest Control, that has proven to put a stop to these aggressive little invaders, time and time again!

Odorous House Ants - Small brownish-black ants 1/12 to 1/8 inch long. May nest indoors or outside, nest can be very large and can contain numerous queens. This is the ant you see trailing around your foundation and in your mulch beds.

California Fire Ants -  Small ants measuring 1/12 to 1/8 inch long with red head and thorax and black abdomens.  Known Red Ants, these ants can be very aggressive and carry a very painful sting for such a small creature.  Typically, red ants prefer soil that is such as side yards and play areas that are not often watered.  They have multiple queens in each colony and can nest several feet into the ground.  Small colony ant mounds are about the same diameter of a golf ball, but lagers colonies, can be a foot or more in diameter.

Pavement Ants - Small blackish-brown ant 1/8 to 1/6 inch long. Normally nests outdoors under stones or rocks but is also fond of sidewalks, patios, slabs on grade.

Velvety Tree Ants -  Larger ants measuring 1/8 to ¼ inch.  Here in the San Joaquin valley, these ants have a tendency to be found nesting in and around Oak Trees.  While they primarily nest outdoors, they can invade homes without notice, by the thousands.  They have a strong pungent odor that is used as a defense mechanism when disturbed or attacked.

It is important when dealing with these ant problems to have a proper ID of what we are treating for so we can find the best solution for solving the problem. Some of these ants can be treated once and the problem will not reoccur for a long time. Other types of infestations may take ongoing services to keep them from re infesting. Remember all of these ants are naturally occurring in the surrounding areas.


Size: 1/16″to 1/8″

Shape: Segmented, Oval

Color: Dark brown to black and shiny

Legs: 6

Wings: Varies

Antenna: Yes