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Flea Control & Extermination in Visalia

Controlling and Exterminating Fleas in Visalia

Controlling fleas is difficult because of their ability to produce thousands of fleas quickly. Not only that, flea eggs are resistant to most flea control products. After treating for adult fleas, the problem could reoccur when the eggs hatch.

How Our Service Effectively Removes Fleas?

Our technicians are trained to identify the source of the flea infestation. These areas are treated with products that are targeted to kill fleas and stop reproduction of any additional fleas. The flea control products used affect reproductive organs of adults and prevent pre-adult fleas, including eggs, from developing into reproductive adults.

Your Solution To Flea Infestations In Visalia

You don’t have to live with fleas - Erase your flea problem today. Our flea control service includes:

- Identifying & Eliminating The Source

- Lasting Flea Prevention Techniques

- Interior & Exterior Treatments

- Spotting Potential Pest Problems

Do-It Yourself Flea Prevention Tips

Catching the problem early and identifying the source of your infestation is key in flea prevention. Since cats and dogs can bring fleas indoors, your pet will be your primary focus.

- Throughout pet inspections (lift hair and look for dark spots on skin)

- Bathe and groom pets often, wash or replace pet bedding

- Sweep, vacuum or mop all ground surfaces. Throw out vacuum bag after use.


Color: Dark reddish-brown

Legs: 6

Shape: Flat

Size: 1/12 to 1/6-inch long

Antennae: Yes

Region: Found throughout U.S.