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Spider Control & Extermination in Visalia

Controlling and Exterminating Spiders in Visalia

Spiders in Visalia are probably the second most common pest people complain about in their home. Only ants generate more calls to pest control companies, so controlling and getting rid of spiders is a common problem throughout Visalia.

Spiders provide a vital service in nature by eliminating unwanted insects, but most people do not want them in their home, and for good reason. Spiders can inflict painful, even deadly bites on humans and leave sticky spider webs all over the house.

Presence of Spider Webs

One of the first signs of a spider infestation is the increased appearance of spider webs. Spiders produce a highly elastic silk material they use to create egg sacs and spin webs to trap prey. If there are many spider webs around your home, you likely have a growing spider population. Some webs may appear thickly clustered and almost opaque, while others follow a thin, classic spider web pattern.


Some spiders create burrows or live in tight spaces around the home. These spiders often hide in or under cabinets, within cracks in the walls, and in basements and crawl spaces. Any gap in your foundation can serve as a home for certain species of spiders. To prevent infestation, our licensed spider control technicians will ensure that any gaps or cracks in the foundation of the home are filled so spiders can’t simply escape and return later.

Painful Bite

Despite the fact that they cannot chew, many spiders have a painful bite, which can be the first sign of an infestation and the need for spider control. While some spiders are venomous, most are only capable of seriously harming small prey such as insects and mice. Despite the fact that very few spiders are lethal to adults, their bites can still be painful. Proper spider control is the only way to completely prevent spider bites in your environment. Pest control services keep your home and family safe from common household spiders as well as venomous species.


Color: All colors

Legs: 8

Shape: Round

Size: 3/4″ length; 3/8″ in diameter

Antennae: No

Region: Found throughout U.S.